AC Collection Acne Patch

USD 8.00

Cover, Calm, Make invisible!

What it is: Oval shaped, highly adhesive acne patch suitable for covering several adjacent acne spots at once.

Quantity: 26ea


  • Soothing and scar management with Centella
    Patch that helps the acne disappear without a scar, as well as to soothe and calm the spot. 
  • Oval shaped hydrocolloid patch in 3 different sizes
    3 different sizes of oval shaped patches are suitable for covering various kinds of acne problems, from small pimples to cystic acne. 
  • Strong adhesion patch
    The thin border of the patch allows strong adhesion to even curved areas, like jawline and hairlines. 

How to use:

  1. Cleanse the area around the troubled spot. Use after an exfoliator or before toner.
  2. Select a bigger size patch than the spot.
  3. Attach the patch on dry skin.

Carboxymethylcellulose sodium, Polyisobutene, Rosin, Polybutene, Mineral oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Polyuethane film

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
My favorite acne patches

These gets rid of a pimple overnight and reduces scaring

Helps scars.

These are perfect for pimples that are going to be gross when they pop. The centella helps heal the skin so there won't be any scars. They also work on old acne scars. Like all the ok there patches CosRx has, they're thin & the pack has a few different sizes.

Audrey Décarie-Truffer
Good but AC Pimple Master Patch are better

I prefer those shaped as a circle and not an oval.

Anna R

Love these patches! Better than the Hero Cosmetics imo. Basically invisible when used.

Perfect for Everything

I don’t get acne much anymore but I’m still dealing with acne scars. Every time I use these I feel the scar getting lighter and lighter. They are also perfect for those little clusters of pimples that I get. Another thing I love about then is that they are nearly invisible.