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Full fit Propolis Light Ampoule

Full fit Propolis Light Ampoule
Ana O Calvo Del Campo

I started using this ampoule a few weeks ago and it has made a noticable difference in a short time. I have actually been able to cut down on other products because I'm seeing such great results.

I wanna buy this but its not available in the uae !!

Be consistent

This product is a staple. You have to be consistent to see results. Halfway through the bottle if you use it twice a day everyday you will see something. I love this. This is my go to

My skin loves it!

My skin feels hydrated and looks brighter since using this. I also want to try the other products from this line.

Love It!

Simple in the best way and super hydrating. I’ve repurchased it several times. I would love for it to come in a larger size!

Does What It Says!

Really good overall! It works quite well, is pretty darn affordable, with instant results that are measurable, and consistant. I'm looking forward to seeing how it builds on it's volumizung+plumping effects long term!

Hydrium Moisture Set
Watfa Abou Kaaf
Great set

I had never tried either the triple hyaluronic moisture ampoule or the moisture power enriched cream before this set. All my other products from COSRX were from the snail line and I've loved them all so far. However, while I like the All-in-one cream from the snail line, I think I prefer this cream better. My skin is normal to dry. It's mostly normal but using some moisturizers dries out my skin (like it becomes dependent on it). I have no experienced this from either product (I took a break from using anything and my skin didn't dry out). But this cream's application I like a bit more than the snail one. Both are moisturizing but I'm going to be buying the full size of this when the snail one runs out. As for the ampule I have no complaints. It's a good addition to you routine if you want extra moisture (the hyaluronic acid will trap in the hydration so make sure your skin is hydrated before you apply for best results).

In love

I have very sensitive skin. I was on the look out for a new foundation and the brand I tried was popular for sensitive skin. It basically set me on fire and left my face swollen. I applied this ampule along with the all in one snail creme and the next morning, it was all gone! I would give ten stars if I could!

I don't think I will ever use another facial moisturizer.

I absolutely love this cream! When I found out that they were on BOGO I was ecstatic! I have recommended this to everyone I know with seasonally dry skin. People get a little turned off at first with the idea of it being snail mucin, but some of my friends noticed a huge change in my skin! Score!

I had high hopes...

Cosrx, you know I love you. I was SO excited for your lip products to release and was particularly looking forward to this scrub. However my expectations fell very short after the first use of this product. The texture on this is very fine, so keep that in mind if you're looking for a particular amount of exfoliation.

- I love the cute little pot (however I anticipate getting product out of here to be difficult as I use more)
- No added scent (though smells a bit plasticky)
- It did leave my lips softer, no film leftover

- Tastes absolutely awful. I don't know if I just got a bad batch, but I accidently got some of this on my tongue and I expected it to taste at least a little sweet. Wrong. A very pungent plastic taste. I had to wash it off my lips immediately. I haven't been excited to use it again due to this reason
- Very very gentle exfoliation. It really didn't do much to buff away any dry or flakey skin

I understand that Cosrx might have tried to make this as sensitive skin and nose friendly as possible, but with lip products, I personally prefer some scent or flavor to the product. It doesn't need to be overwhelming, but if it's not going to be truly scentless/tasteless, it needs to have something. I was also looking for something a bit more exfoliating than this. It did leave my lips slightly softer after one use, but it did not do much to remove flaky skin I had on my lips.

Love it

Tried it due to FiddySnails review. It's good to have in rotation / on hand.


This is a soft powder cleanser that gently foams up with water. I have acne prone skin that gets red easily. This cleanser is extremely gentle and non-drying. My skin feels so soft and clean every time I use it. Please never stop making this. I only wish the powder was in a big bottle to reduce environmental waste.

The only moisturizer I'll use

I've been using this every day & night over almost two years now and I doubt I will try anything else for a long time. I have been dealing with awful hormonal, jawline acne for many years and this is the only moisturizer that actually helps clear up any breakouts that I have. If I go to bed with some big lumps brewing under my skin and use this, they're drastically reduced by the morning. Most breakouts don't even end up happening because of it! It's been such a relief for my dry, sensitive skin <3

Great Moisturizer

I really like to use this as a last step before I put on sunscreen. It's light, but moisturizing. I have dry, sensitive skin and it works really well for me. I definitely notice a difference if I run out!

❤️ Snail Mucin

this works for me so good!! I put retinol serum first then the snail mucin works with retinol very well

Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream Mist

Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

So far so good

The products came swiftly and seem to be working!

Really works on pimple

I’ve been using the pimple patch and really works, it gets out all the stuff in the pimples

Absolutely Amazing!!!

I have extremely dry skin and horrible bags. This eye cream has kept my under eyes moisturized for more than 24hrs. The skin feels so soft and definitely brightens. For diminishing my eyes bags, I honestly didn't notice it, but my siblings said my eye bags had gotten severely less, (and u know its true when ur sibs finally compliment u lol).
If you're going to wear makeup, I recommend using the eye cream in an hour advance because it takes a while to dry.

A unique product that did not disappoint.

I wasn't sure what to expect when ordering the Blackhead Silk Finger Balls. I have blackheads so I thought let's give them a try. You must soak them in very warm water for a few minutes and then place them on your fingertip. Apply your cleanser and start moving it around to gently exfoliate. The balls are so soft yet very sturdy and do not feel rough on the skin. The silk is truly amazing and it did. not irritate my skin at all. I have only used this product once but I can say my skin felt very clean. My blackheads were diminished but not completely gone. I think a couple of times a week should do the trick. I recommend using them with a Salicylic cleanser.

Love It!

I have combo, acne-prone skin and I absolutely loved how hydrated my skin looked. I really like how it doesn't feel greasy at all. Would definitely recommend!

PHA in hiding?

I really like this product, but I notice it has Gluconolatone in it which is a polyhodroxy acid and is a mild exfoliant. I got this to use after a bha/aha peel and now don’t believe I should because it would be too irritating even with the moisturizing benefits. So I’m trying to find another spot in my routine for it. I just feel it should’ve been mentioned in the description about what that ingredient does for those looking to pair it with other actives.