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If you have dry skin this moisturizer is PERFECT for you! Leaves my skin feeling hydrated throughout an entire day and I love it! Love how glowy it makes me look!

Not sure if it’s working

I like the product for the most part. It’s very light, just kind of feels like water. I wouldn’t say it’s hydrating but I hope it’s doing something. I’ll finish the bottle


This Product is been amazing on my skin. I love everything about it. It has cleared my skin. And hydrate my dry skin. Love it and would definitely purchase again.

I wouldn't re purchase it

It's an ok toner. Better in the market.

It's ok

Doesn't really do anything for ur skin except for some hydration. I have normal to dry skin.


I like how my skin feels after using it. I use the snail mucin cleanser then use this one and it leaves my skin feeling so soft without the stripping feeling. My skin is a mix but is sensitive and it’s perfect for me

Never got my order

I really wanted to try this essence skin care products cause I know how amazing K beauty products are so I order like 3 bottles of this stuff anticipating how amazing it would be on my trouble skin but unfortunately I never got it in the mail. Had the tracking information and everything yet I never got it. What do I do now. I’m really sad and disappointed please help me resolve this issue.

I’d bathe in this if I could

I have mild rosacea and accepted a long time back that my cheeks would always be red and overheated. When I use these, though? The redness eases within minutes and my cheeks are calm and cool. Absolute miracle workers. I gave a few to my coworker with severe eczema and he said it was one of the most soothing things he’d ever used on his skin. I’ll be buying this forever and I pray it’s never discontinued.

Great for nighttime

I use this at night, and honestly I’d bathe in it if I could. I have oily skin and was worried this would clog my pores but I’ve been pretty pleasantly surprised. I don’t overdo it on my face (a single full face swipe is enough), so I use it on my elbows and knees as well. The scent is light but pleasant.

So refreshing!

I took this to the horse tracks recently, where I spent five hours on a very hot day. I used this periodically to cool down and it worked perfectly. I carry it with me when I know I’ll be outdoors!

Best Moisturizer for oily ,acne prone ,sensitive skin

I can hardly use any moisturizer without feeling it heavy on my skin. This is by far the Best moisturizer ever used. Just the right amount of hydration with out any heavy feeling on skin.

Love this toner

I absolutely love this toner! I’ve been using it for 3 months now and it’s still over halfway full. It leaves my skin so soft and helps me to better absorb the moisturizer and serum I apply!

Works fast!

Before using this I had lots of stubborn, tiny whiteheads on my chin. After using this twice a week for a couple weeks, I’ve seen a HUGE improvement! I still have some tiny pimples but they are going away. I will say my one complaint is the smell, which dissipates fast. I’m so glad I bought this product and recommend it, but you have to follow directions (I use two pumps in the palm of my hand and pat it in) and give it time. But it WORKS! I love COSRX!

Centella Blemish Cream
Mimi Chamelian
Closest thing to a miracle cream

This little tub saved my skin so many times I have lost count. Not only it lasts ages but it transforms my blemishes into nothingness in a matter of a night! I can’t praise this little miracle cream enough, I’m such a fan!

The only water based cleanser I’ve been using for 5 years

I’ve tried many cleansers since discovering Korean skincare but I always go back to this cleanser. It smells nice, foams well, cleans the residue from oil cleanser and leaves my skin refreshed and clean. I just love it.

Love, Love, Love

This is lovely. I have searched high and low for an amazing lip balm that I can put on at night and still feel on my lips when I wake up. This is so moisturizing. I love everything about it!

Love it amazing for its price

Love it !!!!

Obsessed 😍

Great Sunscreen

A really great sunscreen. Applies so nicely, doesn't leave a white cast and feels very light and soothing on the skin. Would love for a mineral version to exist!

Best Toner I even used

I have very sensitive, oily, acne-prone and angry skin, tried some recommended and highly rated products and they failed on me. This Toner is the best thing that I ever tried. Calming, with an amazing finish (glass skin like glow but not heavy on skin),very light. COSRX never disappoints!

Pure Fit Cica Pad
shaista bunyad
Absolutely amazing! sensitive skin friendly

This works wonder to calm my acne prone, angry skin. I develop redness on cheeks from heat exposure of any kind. The cool effect it leaves on the skin is not only calming and refreshing but anti-redness. Love it!

Creamy benefits

Tried a small amount and did not hate it. Cream has a nice consistency, without being too much. No scent. Gotta love products that give additional benefits. Thank you for being cruelty free!

Maybe a magic potion?

I haven't had a chance to try this yet, but if its anything like the other AHA/BHA toner, then I know I'll love it. Wanted to try with Vit C. Love this cruelty free company!


So easy to use and I noticed a difference in my skin less than a week after starting to use it!


Helps reduce spot size, I usually combine with the patches