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It did the job

I received this product to try from Influenster.This lip product is so cute love the packaging. The only thing was that it make my lips have a burning sensation. It wasn’t sticky at all and a little goes a long way. Love it.

Lip Sleep Special Ceramide Kit
Rachana Tadakamalla
Best Lip Mask on the Market

I received these products for free from Influenster and CosRX in exchange for my honest review. This lip mask is a clear, thick, and unscented balm that is intended to be used during the night time/overnight. In my opinion, this lip mask is a 10/10. It is 100% better than other lip masks on the market. I love how it’s packed with ceramides to nourish and soften the skin on the lips. I wake up and my lips are smooth and hydrated. This is going to be great to use during the winter months and I’m so amazed with it. I usually do not care for lip masks at all because most of them are so gimmicky but this does what it says without the extra fluff.

Perfect for stubborn pimples

These patches are perfect for those stubborn pimples that take weeks to go away. The patches are long lasting and so discreet that I feel comfortable wearing them throughout the day. So my skin is protected and healing as much as possible! These patches have always visibly reduced inflammation and my acne goes away faster. My favorite acne patch so far!

Perfect for whiteheads and small pimples

These are perfect for whiteheads and small pimples. I love that it’s small and discreet, so it blends into my skin easily. I apply it overnight, and it’s so satisfying seeing the pimples gone down in the morning. And they are such a good deterrant for pimple popping! 10/10

Perfect for maskne

I love this for when I have multiple flare ups on my chin, especially when the skin around my mouth gets irritated after wearing face masks too long. Niacinamide also helps reduce dark spots and acne scars. Highly reccomend!


I got this free from Influenster, the packaging is so cute and simple but ouch. It hurts. A little goes a lonnnnnggggg way, take as much as you think you is a small amount and cut that in half. You're welcome.


So I received this complimentary from Influenster and I really like this. It's a normal lip mask so it is thicker and moisturizing however I couldn't read the label to figure out if it was cruelty free. That's the only bad thing I would say.

So good!

This leaves my lips hydrated, smooth and so soft! I love it so much!

Lip plumper

I love the aesthetic of the packaging, clean and modern. The product doesn’t have a strong scent and isn’t sticky which is nice, and doesn’t have a strong burn.

Lip mask

This lip mask is okay, definitely not was I was expecting. The packaging is nice and modern but the mask is thinner then I’m used to and doesn’t have a scent.

Great plumper!

I received this product for free form influenster and cosrx in exchange for my honest review. I am not usually a fan of lip plumper but this one is awesome!! It leaves my lips smooth, glossy, and full and the tingling you get from the ingredients is minimal.

Great mask !

I received this product for free from influenster in exchange for my honest review. I have a laneige sleep lip mask I use but it cannot hold a candle to this one. Leaves my lips smooth and buttery and I LOVE the applicator


I got this product from shein to test for my honest review, and let me tell you this is the BEST product I have ever received. First off the packaging is super and cute and aesthetic looking I love that. The product does burn (ALOT) but my lips have never looked more moisturized. It kinda gives off a lip filler vibe. My lips look so good for hours I literally ADORE thjs product!

Love this

I got this product to test from shein for my honest review, and I have to say I LOVE it. I wear it before bed and my lips stay hydrated throughout the night. It’s not sticky and didn’t feel heavy on the lips. It’s a very nice product to add to ur sleep routine.

Lip Sleep Ceramide Lip Butter Sleeping Mask

I've been struggling to find a new lip mask after ULTA stopped selling the mamonde ones, but this one is a close second fave! When you first apply it it does feel a little grainy on the lips but after a while that feeling goes away and it keeps my lips feeling moisturized all day and night!

COSRX - Refresh AHA BHA Vitamin C Lip Plumper

s someone with very full lips already i can state categorically, that this does not plump lips at all. If it did, id notice immediately as i would look like a duck haha. What it does do, with its inclusion of AHA & BHA is gently exfoliate the lips as you sleep. There is a mild tingling sensation as a result of these acids therefore i would suggest only using it at night, as the tingling can go on for some time. Its not painful, only mildly annoying. When i wake up in the morning my lips are 100% smooth. Not a single flake or crusty bit in sight and they look rosy and refreshed. It will finish fast if you use it like a normal balm so go in lightly. It has a melty balm texture which can be a little messy so be careful! Overall, one of the best lip balms ive ever used.


Me gusto demasiado , es ideal para los labios , al principio me ardió un poco pero el resultado valió la pena ! Dejo mis labios súper lindos🥰 también incluye un aplicador


Me gusto mucho al principio al aplicarlo arde un poco pero después dejo los labios súper lindos muy buen producto además incluye un aplicador muy bueno

Love it

You start feeling the “tingle” a couple of seconds after applying, it’s so far my favorite due I don’t feel it sticky as other “lip pumps” it’s very hydrated, smooth and your lips look sooo yummy. I love it

Love it

I love it! My lips really needed it, after using it my lips feel super smooth and shiny it doesn’t make your skin oily at all, it is a game changer I would definitely purchase one more time 💗

Its an okay essence

The consistency is lightweight and it goes on very smoothly; little goes a long way with this one. After a week of using it I noticed my skin got plumper and my skins elasticity was returning. The only down side is that it would dehydrate my skin if I didn't apply it to wet skin, not damp.

Perfect Set

COSRX’s pimple patches were the first I have ever tried and honestly a lot of others cannot compare in terms of stickiness and flexibility to adhere to contours of the face. I was so thrilled to have been chosen to try COSRX’s new pimple patches because I keep coming back to COSRX’s AC Collection and their original pimple patches, as they are affordable and easy to find.

Master Patch Basic: These patches are a little thicker than the other two in this set, which is why I prefer to use them in the PM. They stick on the whole night and I find that super important when I use pimple patches for overnight relief for those red inflamed pimples. These are similar to their original but the new ones are much better in soothing/calming redness.

Master Patch Intense: I am in shock of how comfortable these were on my face during the day as they are INVISIBLE. I pop this one on before my skincare and they stay on the whole day of work. They’re not noticeable so I feel confident in wearing these ones out vs the basic patch. I use these on my harder/more inflamed pimples that are super stubborn to get all the gunk out. After a whole day’s wear, the pimple is significantly reduced and the area is less red.

Master Patch XL: THIS IS A GODSEND to me because I tend to get pimples around the side of my jaw that are in clusters. So painful and hard to get a patch that can adhere that area, but these ones stick on SO well and calms down the area. I love these ones as I tend to get hormonal pimples/maskne around the jaw. I do have to say that these are slightly thicker but they are larger in size for a reason!

All of these patches help in reducing redness and size of the pimples and feel super comfortable to wear day and night. I find that COSRX has met a lot of my expectations and provide patches that you can wear on an everyday basis. I can't find anything I don't dislike from this set.

*Disclaimer: I got these from a giveaway held by @cosrx #dontpopwithcosrx

Pure Fit Cica Cream
Glenda M Delgado

Me ayudaron a calmar el ardor por quemaduras por otros productos muy fuertes

I will not go back to another brand!

All my love to COSRX for creating the best acne patches I have ever tried 🔥

Pimple Patches has been a must-have on my acne journey. I have tried more than five different brands. However, these have become my favorites 🤩 These are my first Kbeauty patches and it's a completely YAY 👏👏👏

These were my favorite of the line 👏 I have been dealing with pustules and cysts in the same spots. It's doesn't matter what I do, they appear even worse. It's a never-ending cycle 😭 These master patches have been the solution to my mental breakdowns. They are large enough to cover the entire affected area in a 360°. I usually applied the patch horizontal. I never imagined it will absorb all the oil and gunk in every single use 🙀 I love that contains Niacinamide. It gives extra points to the patches.

They are the perfect fit for occasional cystic in every area of the face. I used them day and night and I don't have any problems. One night I applied one and wake up with the master patch with a lot of gunk inside. It seems like it gonna explode, but the patch doesn't detach from my skin. Although they may seem similar to other brands patches, they don't... believe me 😍


What it is ⤵
I love that comes in different sizes and contains powerful ingredients for problematic pimples. I decided to put one in a "heal" pimple and woke up amazed by how much it takes off 🙌 Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil makes these patches so worthy.

In general, they all are lightweight patches that apply smoothly and blend easily on my skin. One's I put in, I don't have to worry about them coming off at night. Also, if accidentally other products go on top of the patch, they don't penetrate the patch. They work amazing and their price is more cheaper than the competition 🎉 They are easy to take off even if I wear them for more than eight hours. They prevent skin picking which I love. Also, it only takes a couple of minutes to start seeing results when I applied them to my pimples.

I highly recommend this line to everyone. I am so happy with the results 🥰

I win these products on a giveaway in exchange for my honest review 💯


No changes so far

So far their products have not made a difference to me.