COSRX is known for our mild skincare products that even people with the most sensitive skin can use. So, if you’re a COSRX lover, you probably know about Low pH Good Morning Cleanser, one of our all-time bestsellers. This mild cleanser is loved by so many people because the slightly acidic pH level helps in restoring the optimal pH level to maintain healthy skin and removes impurities without causing any irritation. What is there not to love about this cleanser?

Well, there’s a new addition to the Low pH skincare line: Low pH Good Night Soft Peeling Gel! This soft peeling gel is going to make your skin more hydrated and look even smoother. Ready to find out more?

Just like the cleanser, the pH level of Low pH Good Night Soft Peeling Gel is low and similar to the pH level of our skin. This similar pH level reduces the amount of irritation caused to skin, which means that it’s suitable for people with sensitive skin too. If you have sensitive skin, you may have been cautious in choosing exfoliation products or have avoided using them because exfoliation causes irritation. But, the truth is, exfoliation is necessary for all skin types, because removing impurities hidden inside the pores is important to make your skin healthier and brighter.

PHA and 3 types of hyaluronic acid softens dead skin cells and delivers hydration to the skin from the beginning. Then, the natural cellulose removes the skin cells softened by PHA. Because the dirty stuff is gone and the empty spaces are filled with moisture, your skin will be healthy and glowing after use.

After cleansing, apply proper amount onto your face and massage softly. Make sure you be careful not to get any into your eyes! After a short while, wash your face with lukewarm water, and voila! Oh, as you may have guessed, we recommend using the Low pH Good Morning Cleanser in the cleansing step for better results.

When and where can you get one of your own? We’re launching this very new peeling gel right here, on, on June 7, 2021. Be one of the first 100 shoppers to get a free Good Morning gel cleanser sample to try out! If you liked it, don’t forget to write a review, so you can enter to win more special gifts!

May 31, 2021 — cosrx inc