What’s more important than applying sunscreen and makeup? Cleansing to remove them at the end of the day! But sometimes cleansing could irritate skin or not cleanse thoroughly. Also, depending on skin types, some people may prefer foam cleansers, while some prefer cleansing oil. To give everyone the best cleansing experience, we added four new products to our Cica Cleansing Line. Read more to find the one that best suits you, and for the news about our event!

1. Pure Fit Cica Clear Cleansing Oil

#Lightweight #Non-greasy #Plant-based

Introducing Pure Fit Cica Clear Cleansing Oil, a watery and lightweight cleansing oil for refreshing, deep cleanse! This watery and refreshing cleansing oil is ideal for all skin types, including oily and sensitive. Including plant-based ingredients with the highest concentration of CICA-7 Complex, our cleansing oil effectively soothes, hydrates, and cools delicate skin during and after cleansing. The watery and lighteweight texture provides pleasant finish, so if you have oily skin and never enjoyed cleansing oil, you may want to give this product a try! Because of the light texture, you may think that it will not be so effective as a cleanser. However, Pure Fit Cica Clear Cleansing Oil will melt away even long-wear makeups to clear clogged pores and removing 99% of environmental pollutants, like fine dust, that could damage your skin.

2. Pure Fit Cica Smoothing cleansing Balm

#Smoothing #Melting #Massaging

This magical texture-changing Pure Fit Cica Smoothing Cleansing Balm is going to give you an all-new cleansing experience. Starting out as sorbet-like balm, which changes to silky oil, and finally to soft milk, this cleansing balm allows you to remove makeup effortlessly for a residue-free finish. This initial balm texture makes the product a go-to item for travelers, because it is mess-free and easy-to-carry! The Cica-7 Complex and Shea butter helps to calm sensitive skin and keep moisture locked in after cleansing. Plus, coconut extract, the natural cleansing component, allows to gently remove all traces of makeup in one easy step. Easily melt away the makeup, and keep the skin moisturized with this dermatologist tested, mess-free Pure Fit Cica Smoothing Cleansing Balm!

Scoop proper amount of the balm onto your hands and apply onto dry face. Gently massage for few seconds, then add a little bit of water and massage for few more seconds. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, and you’re done!

3. Pure Fit Cica Creamy Foam Cleanser

#Creamy #Satisfying #Refreshed

Bringing to you the new Pure Fit Cica Creamy Foam Cleanser, for those with oily and sensitive skin who wanted soft yet satisfying cleanse. Also infused with Cica-7 Compex and natural ingredients, the creamy foam cleanser provides mild yet powerful cleansing effect. This cleanser leaves skin feeling refreshed, which is perfect for oily skin prone to excess sebum secretion. What’s cool about this cleanser is that a pea-sized amount of the product is going to make a good amount of super soft and creamy foam. The thick, silky, and rick bubbles softly covers the skin for pleasant, satisfying, and friction-free cleanse, and it won’t leave any impurities behind.

4. Pure Fit Cica Low pH Cleansing Pad

#Simple #Exfoliate #Moisturize

You know that COSRX is known for our pad skincare products, right? Well, because our pad products were loved by so many, we made a cleansing pad too! This Pure Fit Cica Low pH Cleansing Pad is a low pH and non-irritating all-in-one cleansing pad soaked in Cica-7 complex to simplify your cleansing and skincare routine. Did you know that washing face only with water removes only 55.57% of fine dust and external environmental pollutant? Cleansing with foaming cleanser cleanses 76.58%, the reason why most foaming cleansers are recommended as secondary cleansing product. This Pure Fit Cica Low pH Cleansing Pad removes 99.6% of fine dust and makeup residue, so why go through the hassle to use two types of cleansing products when you can use one?

The cotton pads used in this product is 133% bigger compared to other one-step pads, which means that you can remove your entire makeup with just one pad. Plus, the fabric is eco-friendly and vegan certified, so you can help your skin and help the environment at the same time!

When and where can you get one the cleansing product you love? We’re launching the brand new cleansing products right here, on COSRX.com, on June 9, 2021. If you buy two or more Cica Cleansing Line Products, we’ll give you the CICA-7 Relief Kit, so you could try other COSRX Cica products as well. If you liked it, don’t forget to write a review, so you can enter to win more special gifts! This promotion is limited to first 100 shoppers, so mark your calendars!

May 31, 2021 — cosrx inc