Please use immediately after purchase and store upright in the refrigerator once opened.


Precautions for storing and handling high-content vitamin C products


1.Gas can be generated due to the nature of vitamin C.

2.When opening the cap, it may make a sound.

3.With a specially designed cap to seal vitamin C, it can be safely stored by con- trolling the gas generated inside the con- tainer.

4.Do not shake before opening as it may overflow.Open and shake lightly from left to right.

5.Extra room in the container has been se- cured for safe use.

6.Vitamin C products are recommended to be used within 2 months of opening due to easy discoloration caused by oxidation.

7.Keep it away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

8.It is recommended to be stored in the refri- gerator when it is not being used every day after fastening the pipette.

9.Keeping it refrigerated can help maintain the freshness of the vitamin C.