This just in: new CosRX sheet masks have been launched in Korea, and we have ingredient analyses for these babies!

Developed with a focus on hydration and soothing skin irritation, these new sheet masks have become a hot new favorite among South Korean skincare enthusiasts.

What exactly can you look forward to with each new formula? Also, which one should you get out of the three new sheet masks on the block? Scroll on right down, because Picky has the deets.

1. Most soothing
Pure Fit Cica Calming Tree Sheet Mask

We’re gonna cut to the chase. If you only have money to spend on one among the three new CosRX sheet masks, go for this one. The Pure Fit Cica Calming Tree Sheet Mask packs a whopping 9 skin-soothing ingredients (see below)! This makes this sheet mask one of the products with the most soothing ingredients in the Picky database.

That’s not all. This cica-laden goodie also contains tea tree oil to further target acne-prone skin. This makes it the only product with ingredients scientifically proven to address two skin concerns (soothing, acne) among the three new product launches. Need we say more?

2. Most hydrating
Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Water Wave Sheet Mask

Looking to restore moisturize to your dry skin? Your best bet’s the Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Water Wave Sheet Mask.

This mask contains 3 ingredients good for dry skin. Among them include hyaluronic acid, a known ingredient powerhouse that has an unbeatable ability to retain moisture in the skin. Also, the formula contains 7,500ppm of D-Panthenol, a vitamin D that has strong hydration and soothing properties. Pop this onto parched skin for a 15-minute quickie and feel the moisture sink in.

3. To be avoided by oily skin
Full Fit Propolis Nourishing Magnet Sheet Mask

We’re calling out this ingredient on behalf of the oily skin tribe. The formula for the Full Fit Propolis Nourishing Magnet Sheet Mask honestly not that different from the rest of its new release counterparts, but we spotted one ingredient that may be potentially risky.

That ingredient is coconut oil, a highly comedogenic ingredient that can be very pore-clogging. In some cases, it also has a potential to worsen acne for some skin types. We’d advise people with oily and acne-prone skin to opt for one of the other two new CosRX sheet masks instead, to prevent any unwanted episodes of nasty outbreak.

Authorship: Team Picky

February 23, 2021 — cosrx inc