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🚩 All About Retinols with Dr. Luke Maxfield, D.O. Board Certified Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon 

🚩 All About SPFs with Dr. Jarett Casale, D.O. Dermatology Resident Physician  





🚩 FAQs: 

🔎Q1. What age is it best to start using retinols?
Anytime you think is necessary! It all depends on your goals. If you want to use it to target acne you might start using it a little earlier. Or you might choose to start using it when you start to notice newly emerging fine lines. Remember the goal is to prevent not undo. 
🔎Q2. What's the best way to use retinol under your eyes?
The skin around the eyes is very thin so be careful when applying. Start with a very small amount a few times a week. 
🔎Q3. Can you layer both retinols together?
This is not recommended. Go for the cream if this is your first retinol, you have sensitive skin and have just started to notice emerging fine lines. Go for the oil if you are a seasoned retinol user and want to target initial and progressive skins of aging. 
🔎Q4. Is the Retinol Oil suitable for dry skin?
Absolutely! The 0.5 Retinol Oil contains an ingredient called Squalane, which is known for its hydrating properties, making it great for those with dry skin. 
🔎Q5. Which skin type do you recommend the Retinol Cream for?
Are you a first time Retinol user? This will determine which product you should be using, rather than your skin type. For those who are new to Retinol, we would recommend that you start off using the Retinol 0.1 cream. Once you get used to the ingredient, or you have been using Retinols already, you can simply move on to the 0.5 Retinol Oil
🔎Q6. What order should you apply the retinol?
Personalize it to your skin! If you have sensitive skin prone to irritation try a retinol sandwich. That is, moisturizer > retinol oil > moisturizer. If you don’t have sensitive skin, we recommend starting with a toner>serum>cream. Apply your Retinol cream when applying your daily cream, and your Retinol Oil, when applying  your serums. 
🔎Q7. Why do chemical sunscreens burn my eyes?
Most chemical sunscreens contain certain ingredients such as benzophenone, avobenzone, and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate that prevents UV rays by transitioning into heat energy, before the UV rays absorbs into the skin. These ingredients send to sing your eyes, and may cause irritation if your eyes are sensitive. If that is the cause, using a physical sunscreen can be optional. 
🔎Q8. When applying retinols should this be done to dry skin?
Wet skin absorbs more. So this depends. If you have sensitive skin and want it to be less irritating, apply retinols to dry skin. If you're OK, then damp skin works too. 
🔎Q9.  Is it normal to get really, really dry skin when incorporating retinols?
Retinols can cause irritation, redness, peeling and dry skin. Our cream includes Pnathenol, and our oil includes Squalane, both preventing dryness of the skin. If your skin still feels dry after using the products, add a moisturizing product at the end of your routine.

Another tip is to start small with retinols! Apply a small amount, every other day until your skin builds tolerance. You can even try a retinol sandwich which goes moisturizer > retinol > moisturizer.
🔎Q10.  Should we keep the retinol in dry cool areas away from the sun 
Retinols were weak to light, heat and oxidation so it is best kept refridgerated. If this is difficult, try storing it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 
🔎Q11.  Can you use the retinol on the neck too or is it too strong?
Absolutely. The neck is subject to a lot sun exposure and aging so go for it! Just remember to start small, a couple times a week giving your skin plenty of time to adjust. 
🔎Q12. Should we use snail mucin before or after retinol?
Before and after both work! 


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Clean refers to your content without the music and text. Edited refers to the final version of the content

🔎Q3. Can you use all RX products together?
The Vitamin C 23, The Niacinamide 15, The Retinol 0.1 Cream & The Retinol 0.5 Oil are all highly concentrated and incredibly potent. So, we don’t recommend mixing these together! That said, The Hyaluronic Acid 3 is a great serum to mix with pretty much all ingredients! So feel free to layer up!


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September 02, 2022 — COSRX