Irrespective of the product used, hydration is the most fundamental and important benefit consumers expect from their skincare.

 However, most over-the-counter formulations have a bit low hyaluronic acid concentration.

So, to resolve concerns regarding moisturizing and ensure constant hydration, COSRX has created a high concentrated derm serum with the high-level concentration of 3% hyaluronic acid.


💡Here are some frequently asked questions you would like to know.

Efficacy of Main Ingredient

Q1.What does hyaluronic acid serum do?
-Help boost the moisture content of skin
-Reduce wrinkles and enhance elasticity by maintaining moisture in the skin
-Prevent sagging skin and wrinkles caused by UV rays, and make skin look smooth
-The small hyaluronan is more effective to increase elasticity.

Q2.How does Hyaluronic Acid work for skin?
-The dermis is composed of collagen, elastic tissue and hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid is crucial for maintaining the skin structure and balance. Hyaluronic acid is decreased by environmental damages such as aging and UV rays, it is essential to replenish hyaluronic acid in case of loss of skin elasticity and moisture. It has a powerful moisture retention ability that combines with moisture 1000 times heavier than its weight.


Efficacy of Sub Ingredients

Q3.What does NMF do to your skin?
-A natural moisturizing factor (NMF) that plays an important role in maintaining moisture in the corneum of your skin. 40% of it is made of amino acids.
-Amino acid is positively correlated with the water content of stratum corneum.
-Amino acid in stratum corneum enhances the skin barrier and moisturization.
-NMF contains sodium lactate which enhances the skin moisturization.

Q4.What does Ceramide do to your skin?
-Ceramide is important for skin barrier as a lipid component of stratum corneum.
-Keep the skin barrier healthy and moisturize in the corneous layers
-Reduce moisture loss by combining a lipid
-Effective for dry skin and fine lines



Q5.Can I use hyaluronic acid serum every day?
-Yes, it can be used every day without the worry of irritation as it is composed of skin-friendly ingredients.

Q6.Can I use vitamin C and hyaluronic acid together?
-Yes, it provides a synergy effect by combining moisturization from hyaluronic acid and antioxidant action from vitamin C.

Q7.Can you use salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid?
-Yes, mixing with BHA which helps keep pores clear and reduce sebum makes skin tone smoother.

Q8.Can I use niacinamide with hyaluronic acid?
-Yes, mixing with niacinamide which helps keep pores clear and reduce sebum makes skin tone smoother.

Q9.Can I use hyaluronic acid serum instead of moisturizer?
-COSRX The Hyaluronic Acid 3 Serum provides hydration not too rich like a moisturizer.

Q10.When should I apply hyaluronic acid?
-It can be used both day and night-time.

Q11.Can I use hyaluronic acid under my eyes?
-Yes, you can apply it under the eyes.

Comparison between Ingredients

Q12.Which ingredient is better hyaluronic acid or vitamin C?
-Hyaluronic acid has a powerful moisture retention ability to maintain moisture in the skin. Vitamin C is one of the best anti-aging ingredients and helps your skin brighter while inhibiting the formation of melanin. It’s good for anti-aging and improving skin elasticity by increasing in collagen and elastin production.