1. Who's eligible to join the COSRX Affiliate Club?

A. Do you love skincare?
B. Own a TikTok account?
C. Love making content?
D. And meet this TikTok Affiliate Program guidelines?

Then come join the club and become a COSRX ambassador.

  • Requirements :
    1K+ followers, 18+years old
  • Country :
    US, UK, MY, PH, TH

2.Who's eligible for free samples?

This will vary by region/country as Affiliate Requirements vary accordingly.

Please refer to the links below for more information.

3. Do I have to make content using the free samples?

If you consistently fail to create content after receiving samples, this will later affect the number/status of the number of samples you can request. (if anything, none!) 

Deadlines for posting vary by region / country

  • US, UK, MY, TH : Within 14 days of receiving samples.
  • PH : Within 17 days of receiving samples.

4.What are the incentives for top earners?

Those who earn over a certain amount a month will be moved to our "Target Collaboration" plan that UPs your commission rates so you earn more for your efforts.

You will also be invited to join our "Target Collaboration" chatroom where you get exclusive access to skincare gems, promotional details, tips on earning more etc.

Individuals will receive a notification when promoted to the "Target Collaboration" plan.

Low performance will result in a return to the regular plan!