You’ve cleansed, and you’ve toned. Now, what’s the next step for healthy and glowing skin? Let’s stick to the classic skincare ritual – next step, moisturizers!

You’ve probably wondered what makes your skin so rough and dry. There are many reasons, like the environmental influences or medical conditions, but it’s probably because your skin doesn’t have enough moisture to keep it hydrated. Plus, moisturizers also work like a shield, where it creates barrier between your skin and the outside world, like the coldness or dry air.


Some people say that moisturizers are bad for your skin, but that’s the case if and only if too much moisturizer is used. Too much moisturizer and the unnecessary thick barrier will slowly reduce your skin’s natural ability to exfoliate and would make chemical exfoliation necessary. Not being able to exfoliate would mean your skill will not be able to regenerate! The best way to deal with such problem is to apply only the right amount of moisturizer and exfoliate once a week to remove unnecessary dead cells.

So, when should you use moisturizers? We recommend that you use moisturizers once during the day and once at night, especially after taking hot bath or showers. Yes, hot waters may be relaxing, but it also strips moisture and oil out of your skin. You should also use moisturizers after exfoliation or shave because the outermost layer of your skin would have been irritated and would be in a very raw state. Apply moisturizers to build protective barrier while skin can soothe and be regenerated.


How to apply moisturizers? Applying moisturizers is easier and simpler than applying toners. Put a nickel-sized amount of moisturizers on your hand and gently massage over your face. Simple, right?

Now you’re probably wondering, which product you should use. There is never a correct answer, but we can guide you and give some recommendations. Any products with chemical acids like AHA or BHA are effective in caring for your skin texture. But, if used during the day you need to use a SPF product with it! If you’re looking for hydration and just that, try products with hyaluronic acids! For acne-prone or sensitive skin, products with cica or centella extract may be helpful in soothing and calming. Needing extra nourishment? We recommend nourishing creams like our propolis or snail cream. Finally, to build and strengthen skin barriers, try products with ceramides.

Take a look at the chart below to see which COSRX moisturizers may be the best for you!

November 16, 2021 — cosrx inc