As we mentioned earlier, our lovely and talented TOP 3 Global Supporters 2022 have visited the COSRX HQ! Let's find out who's the winner of the grand finale mission!🏆️



Global Supporters:

Global participants are invited to take part in a variety of activities including content creation training, mentoring programs, Derm Talk lectures and various challenges. Special benefits are given to monthly best creators and final MVPs.

  • 2021 Global Supporters #Supporters: 30 Supporters selected from Korea, US, France, China, SEA (domestic residents)
  • 2022 Global Supporters #COSRXDermRDs: 30 Supporters selected from the United States & Canada
  • 2023 Global Supporters: Shall we? Let us know! 




This was the final, last ever mission for the 2022 Global Supporters Program! So, this time round, when selecting the winners of our awesome prizes - we went over everything with a fine tooth comb!


Challenge 1:

  • Min 1 story post a day
  • Tag official accounts: @cosrx_official (TT), @cosrx (IG)

 Challenge 2:

  • Create and upload a min of 3 COSRX related content
    - The concept is completely up to you (BE FREE)
    - Choose whatever product(s) you want to feature (Brownie Points for The RX)

  • Key hashtags
    - @cosrx_official (TT)
    - @cosrx (IG)
    - #COSRX #COSRXDermSkincare #COSRXDermRD

  • Deadline: March 5th by 23:59 PST


The gift card for everything Apple!

  • 1st Place: USD 1,000 / CAD 1,299 (able to purchase MacBook)
  • 2nd Place: USD 600 / CAD 799 (able to purchase iPhone)
  • 3rd Place: USD 400 / CAD 599 (able to purchase Apple Watch)




















 Congratulations! Christina, Michelle, and Carlton!!!✨

Y'all have been crowned with glory!!! 👏👏👏
We hope you enjoyed it! 🥰🥰



March 21, 2023 — Hyein Lee