We can’t believe Global Supporters 2022 is really over - it’s already been 4 months! We’ve tried our best to invite renowned dermatologists, social media experts and bedazzle you with gifts and events worthy of a COSRXDermRD – we hope you enjoyed everything!

To mark the end of this chapter, we’ve invited season 1 contestant Ha-Seung and our very own Marketing Strategy team leader to give you a little farewell speech.




This might be the end of the 2022 COSRX Global Supporters Programme but it’s not the end of our friendship. We’ve still got some amazing things planned for all of you who’ve managed to graduate with all 12 GPA points.

What's After This:

  • We’ve got a lovely graduation kit made just for you
  • We’ve also placed you on our PR list (you will be one of the first to receive all our new releases)
  • We’ll also hold challenges and events just for you (with amazing prizes of course)

Snail Challenge:

  • We have our 3rd #SnailDuoShot challenge out on December 2rd! 
  • We’ll be sending out the Snail Duo for you to try and take part if you wish



The winner of the main mission are :

  • @christinahello
  • @the.np.mom
  • @luvieirene

* Your $200 gift cards to be used on www.COSRX.com have been sent! (valid for 2 yrs)


The winner of the main mission are :

  • @christinahello
  • @shannonleighdiaries
  • @atlasofyouth

* We'll be sending you a special prize, Apple AirPods (3rd generation)! We'll be also providing the RX line and Vitamin E Vitalizing Sunscreen SPF 50+! We hope you enjoy them!


2022 COSRXDermRD TOP 3 are :

  • @carlton.Rose
  • @christinahello
  • @the.np.mom

*The TOP3 will be winning a trip to KOREA to meet us here at the COSRX HQ!




🔎Q1. The COSRX HQ is in Seoul in Korea.


🔎Q2. COSRX’s The Vitamin C 23 is great for acne scars.

 🔎Q3. If retinol causes irritation, apply more you big baby!
 X (Nope always start small with retinol! If very sensitive use the sandwich method as taught by Dr. Maxfield)

🔎Q4. It is absolutely safe to use Vitamin C and Retinol can be mixed in the same routine.
 X (do not mix them together in one routine!)

 🔎Q5. COSRX's 'Snail Challenge has completed 3 seasons.
 X (2 seasons completed and it's coming soon) 

🔎Q6. Vitamin E is a great anti-oxidant.

 🔎Q7. The COSRX office is on the 11th floor. True or false?
 X (5th floor)

Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser', one of COSRX's bestsellers, has sold 10 million cumulative sales.

🔎Q9. The Retinol 0.5 Oil contains 'squalane', an ingredient that helps relieve irritation.

 🔎Q10. COSRX’s viral skincare product is the Snail Essence and cream. 

🔎Q11. COSRX's Snail and Propolis mascots are named Sunshine & Bella respectively.
 X (Sunny & Beatrice)

 🔎Q12. Other than yourselves, COSRX’s brand ambassador is Jeon Somi.

🔎Q13. We have a couple of celebs who’ve shown us some love! And Emily Ratajowski's favourite product is The Vitamin C 23 Serum.
 X (COSRX Snail Essence)

 *To thank you for taking part and to thank you for becoming a COSRXDERMRD, we’ll be sending all of you here a $10 starbucks gift card.



    We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. COSRX is made from consumer feedback, it runs on consumers and their reviews, ideas, wants and needs so to have you physically here giving us all this means the world to us. You’re creativity inspired us and made us so proud and happy we were bursting at the seams.

    This isn’t a goodbye. We have more and will be in touch. But remember, you can also reach out to us whenever you want. You know where to reach us!




    November 23, 2022 — Hyein Lee