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Handy size case for toning pads
A simple, travel-friendly case specially designed for COSRX One Step Pad Series

What it is: A simple, travel-friendly case specially designed for COSRX One Step Pad Trio (One Step Original Clear Pad, One Step Moisture Up Pad, One Step Green Hero Calming Pad). Perfect for daily use and when traveling long distance.


  • Small and handy size that fits perfectly in any pouch
    Compact size that fits perfectly in makeup bag which holds up to 20 One Step Pads.
  • Carry around One Step Pads in the Standard Pad Case
    Fill in the case with COSRX One Step Pads
    Wipe out and moisturize you skin at the same time before touch up.

How to use:

  1. Fill in the case with COSRX One Step Pads.
  2. Take one out and wipe out your skin when you need touch up for you makeup or when you are at toner step while you are traveling. 

Customer Reviews

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I wish the made one to fit all

The idea is wonderful, It's a nice size, not too bulky to carry around.
It does say it's for original pads size, Although, I still wish they made a case that could fit Cica pads as well, the case is just slightly smaller (see pic).
That would be nice if you could choose what to use the case for.

Must have for all toner pad users!

I use my toner pads daily and definitely need to bring some with me whenever I travel. This is the perfect case for them!

Nina U

Great to package the toning pads for travel

Kayla Erwin
One of my Holy Grails

I have used the Ultimate Nourishing Rice before and it has saved my skin! I have very sensitive skin and get bad reactions such as a rash on my face. Recently I tried a sunscreen (not a Cosrx product) that broke me out, I turned to overnight mask and I KNOW my skin will heal!

Love it!

This case is so useful for travel. It fits a good amount of pads and is much smaller than the regular pad case. So glad I got it.