Blackhead Silk Finger Ball (CUP)

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100% natural cocoons!

What it is: Made with 100% natural cocoons, this Eco friendly, hypoallergenic finger ball helps to exfoliate blackheads around the nose and mouth area.

How to use:

  1. Soften the Blackhead Silk Finger ball by soaking it in warm water for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Place the finger ball on the index finger and gently massage over desired area.
  3. Wash the finger ball under running water after use and dry completely.

natural cocoons

Customer Reviews

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Dylan Cruickshank
Gentle but effective.

These silk cocoons are perfect for polishing away dead skin and releasing trapped debris. They feel soft but you can feel that they’re definitely exfoliating.

Avery B.
A nice addition to my routine

I purchased these as an addition to my routine, and also because I had never seen something like that before :)
Following the directions was easy, and the lid even functions as a nice tray to soak the ball in! For my first try, I used water only while I rubbed my nose, which worked really well! The skin on my nose was completely smooth, as were the areas of my cheek closest to my nose. Right after, I applied the COSRX Ultra-Moisturizing lotion, and my face didn't break out or feel sensitive. I left the ball out to dry, and it looked like I had never used it!
I really recommend this product for those who don't want to use a chemical exfoliant or haven't had as much luck in the past with them. I didn't count how many ball come in each package, but because they are reusable, they'll likely last me a long time!

Lisa Bobbitt
A unique product that did not disappoint.

I wasn't sure what to expect when ordering the Blackhead Silk Finger Balls. I have blackheads so I thought let's give them a try. You must soak them in very warm water for a few minutes and then place them on your fingertip. Apply your cleanser and start moving it around to gently exfoliate. The balls are so soft yet very sturdy and do not feel rough on the skin. The silk is truly amazing and it did. not irritate my skin at all. I have only used this product once but I can say my skin felt very clean. My blackheads were diminished but not completely gone. I think a couple of times a week should do the trick. I recommend using them with a Salicylic cleanser.