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I received this from Influenster and CorsRX and i have really enjoyed it. It’s formula is great and i haven’t had an reactions from it. The scent isn’t the best but I’ll keep using it


I revived this from Influenster and Corsx and i have been using for about 2 weeks and i love it. It has no strong fragrance and is very light weight on the skin and feels so good after it’s dried down

Love the texture

I received this serum for free from Influenster and COSRC, and this is my honest review. It feels really smooth when you apply this, I believe it’s because this vitamin C also contains vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid. My skin is usually reactive to some products, however I didn’t have any issue trying this brand. The only “downside” (which is not really a problem, just inconvenient) is that you have to storage in a cold place, so I have to remember to go to my fridge to apply the serum every day.

About my order...

I still didn't get it...thanks

Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream
A godsend product

CosRX, PLEASE DONT EVER discontinue this product!! I have spent an abhorrent amount of money on skincare, and this takes the cake. Seriously, this moisturizer is the only one that can stand up to my Tretinoin & AHA/BHA skincare routine. It’s HEAVENLY, I wake up dewy, plump and glowing. If I skip this product at night, my skin is dry and tight the next morning. If I had a con, it would be the addition of fragrance. This is marketed as a more of a soothing product, but fragrance is a known irritant for people with sensitive / eczema prone skin so keep that in mind, but it doesn’t cause any irritation for me personally, just baby smooth skin the next morning. I just got my order of 2 more tubes on deck because I can’t be without it. 10/10 hands down holy grail moisturizer. Oh also… Not paid to say this or incentivized, it’s really that amazing y’all!!


Don't like it for 2 reasons:

1-The smell. Although not all that strong, isn't great . My bad, really, I didn't pay attention and didn't notice it was a scented product. I really dislike anything scented so I'm not happy about that.

2- "Moisturizer". Regardless of moisturizing ingredients, this product feels VERY drying. Having a dry skin to begin with, this is a most disappointing product to say the least.

Do not recommend unless you don't have a particularly dry skin and don't mind perfume in your skincare products.

Best cleanser!

Lightweight, smells fresh, cleans without drying the skin. A little amount goes a long way. Will keep buying!

Me likey

I received this serum free from Influenster and COSRX. So upon first application, I noticed that this is like the softest serum I’ve ever used. It dried and you couldn’t feel it. I didn’t notice a smell either. I really like this one.


I received this serum free from Influenster and COSRX. So first thing I noticed is that it smells weird. It’s thick and hard to rub in. Once on my skin I feel a tightening sensation but I don’t think it’s supposed to be a feature and it feels more like it’s tight because it completely feels dehydrated now. An hour after applying I feel a stiff layer of serum on my face and I want to wash it off. My face is also tingling.

no good for me

i received this product as a free sample from influenster and unfortunately it didn’t work for me. my skin gets very easily irritated- and this definitely did not help. it burned my skin and was pretty unusable :( it also smelled completely rancid and was overall unpleasant to use.


great sunscreen for dark skin! it goes on very lightweight, no white cast, and your skin looks healthy without being too dewy. definitely has become a staple for all year round!


Unfortunately after reading reviews I did not feel comfortable putting this product on my face due to having sensitive skin and Rosacea. And I just got my face back to normal after having a really bad breakout. Maybe in a couple months after my skin has had some more time to heal I will give it a try! The packing is super cute tho.

Great concentrated serum!

I really like that this serum is highly concentrated and 23% pure vitamin C! It visibly improves the look of wrinkles, uneven/dull skin, and signs of aging. It’s best applied after a toner and followed with a sunscreen. Only a few drops are needed, and spread out from cheekbones to forehead to chin/neck. The only thing I didn’t like was the smell, which is a bit sour. Otherwise, it’s great!

Love in a Jar

I love this product! Really helps keep my skin looking younger and fresh.

Love this serum!

I really like this niacinamide serum. It comes in a nice luxurious bottle with dropper. It has no major smell, and goes on really smooth. It works great for daily oil control and minimizing pores! I followed it with a sunscreen too. Highly recommend!

Lovely little serum!

I love Cosrx, so I was super excited to learn that I’d be receiving this product free to review from them and Influenster! So far, I absolutely love it. It blends into my skin easily, leaves no sticky or flaky residue, and I am already able to see a noticeable change in how my skin feels after just 2 weeks. I’m having few pimples pop up randomly, even on my period. My skin feels smoother, my pores are less clogged. I will update this review in a couple months after I’ve run out of the serum!

Cannot tell a difference

I received this product for free from Influenster and COSRX in exchange for my honest review. After a week of use, I was not able to see a difference. I will continue to use to see if my mind changes. I love the packaging. The glass dropper gives a real fancy vibe.

Good Vitamin C Serum!

I received this product for free from Influenster and COSRX to try out in exchange for my honest review.
I love using Vitamin C serum, but this one stinks!! It has a pretty strong odor to it that is not pleasant. Thankfully, once it's on your face, you can't smell it anymore. Aside from the smell, it does work well! My face feels soft yet tighter. It was easy to apply and soaked in nicely.

The Vitamin C 23 Serum
Shelby Carter
Cannot see a difference

I received this serum free from Influenster and COSRX. After a week of use, I cannot see a difference in my skin. I’m not a fan of the smell. Stale coffee? I will continue to use and see if there’s any difference. I love the packaging and the glass dropper gives a classy vibe.


I received this product for free from Influenster and COSRX in exchange for my honest review. I wasn't sure how I would feel about this, but it's really nice! The packaging makes it looks way more expensive than it is and it was easy to apply. It really seemed to even out my face - I usually have some dry spots and some oily spots. My face feels nice and soft after putting it on. I used it in combination with the Vitamin C serum from COSRX also.

Not for me

I received this serum free from Influenster and COSRX. This product irritated my skin immediately. It seemed to really dry my skin out.

Not for me

I received this free from Influenster and COSRX. This irritated my skin after the first use. I use niacinamide but this is way too strong. I do like the consistency. Two drops go a long way.


Very luxurious, quality packaging! Love the concept here of having a quality C product over the counter. The scent is definitely strong and not fragrant. Good quality feel and still very affordable!


I received this product for free from Influenster and CosRX in exchange for my honest review. Very luxurious, quality packaging! NO scent which is great for a facial product. Good quality feel.

Vitamin 23

OK so this one definitely has a smell I think I shut the bottle and I just got a huge wiff of it so
If you can get passed the smell, it is an amazing product. It doesn't leave a weird film. It is light. And absorbs quickly it has a very distinct feel to it but once it’s dry you barely even knew you had it on Works wonderfully under products including makeup. I love it