AC Collection Trial Kit Mild

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AC Collection Trial Kit Mild

What it is: Easy-to-carry trial kit featuring AC Collection products! The Mild Kit is here to treat acne for combination, acne-prone skin.

COSRX has developed its own unique centella complex named CentellAC-RX formula. After years of experimenting, COSRX CentellAC-RX formula has been perfected to optimize the efficacy of the natural centella ingredient which not only treats acne but also heals the damages that have already been made to the skin.

Try this miniature size and find out which one is for you!

STEP 1: AC Collection Calming Foam Cleanser 0.67 fl.oz / 20ml
STEP 2: AC Collection Calming Liquid Mild 1.01 fl.oz / 30ml
STEP 3: AC Collection Lightweight Soothing Moisturizer 0.67 fl.oz / 20ml
STEP 4: AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream 0.17 oz / 5g

Customer Reviews

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Love the trial size!

Bought this to see how my skin would react because it’s the perfect size for the price. Absolutely loved it. Now I buy this kit as back up in case I go on a trip, etc.


Usually tend to breakout badly when starting a new routine. I did breakout a little, but it cleared up within the same week. This product is also very gentle on my skin even though its very effective. Would definitely get more from the brand.

Tarace Lea
Great for teen

My daughter is 15 and was developing large/painful acne along her temples, side of her face and a few spots on her chin and forehead. We had tried many different cleaners/moisturizers trying to control this but they either didn't make a difference or irritated her skin even more. We decided to try this set after purchasing the acne patches and we have been so happy with the results. After 2+ weeks of steady use (at least 3-5 days a week) her face has completely cleared up. Her existing acne has dissapeared including the painful under the skin patches, and no new acne has developed. I would highly reccomend this product to anyone dealing with acne especially those with sensitive skin. I would have given this 5 stars but my daughter complains about the scent of the cleanser.