Slap! Snail! TikTok Viral Snail Essence Challenge Season 1

Do you know what product is ranked 1st as the BEST PRODUCT on You probably guessed it right – it’s COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence! Not only is it the best on, the Snail Essence is going viral on TikTok. You know it’s legit if something goes viral on TikTok (and when it’s introduced in the Vogue Article). What exactly is the Snail Essence, and why is it so good? Read below to find out – and to find out about the super exciting TikTok Challenge!

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We believe that skincare is not just a boring routine, but a fun, exciting, self-care experience for all, like the way @caressmd is experiencing!
Starting January 31st until February 28th, post a video of you and/or your friends playing with the snail mucin on your TikTok channel with these hashtags: #COSRX #BeCOSRX #SlapSnail # AcneSolution to enter the challenge. (Click Here for the Video Guide) It looks like @caressmd is enjoying her snail products, and we'd like to see how you're doing as well! 

To boost the excitement, we have prepared the Advanced Snail Trio - Snail Essence, Snail Cream, and Snail Eye Cream - for the Top 100 participants! Hey, there’s more. Top 10 winners will receive a special COSRX Travel Pouch! All winners will be announced on our official Instagram (@cosrx) and TikTok channel (@cosrx_official) on February 28th ❤🐌

So.. what is this famous Snail Essence?

Formulated with 96.3% of snail mucin (also known as Snail Secretion Filtrate), sodium hyaluronate, and allantoin, COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is the perfect product for those wanting nourishment, hydration, and skin texture improvement.

This perfect formulation makes the Snail essence perfect for those who suffer from dull, tired skin or those with hyperpigmentation and acne scars. If you’re looking for a product that will boost and revitalize the rough and dehydrated skin to turn into plump and healthy skin, the Snail Essence is the perfect solution.

Snail Mucin..?

We get a lot of questions on how the snail mucin is extracted. As much as you are worried about the welfare of animals – and snail – we don’t want to be mean to the snails either! The best snail mucin is collected from snails that are healthy and content, so we strive to create the optimal environment in which snails can thrive.

Rest assured, no snails are harmed in the making of the Advanced Snail Essence. Our snails are simply placed on a mesh net in a dark room for about an hour. As nocturnal creatures, this is their ideal environment! During this time, the snails are left to roam about freely on the mesh, and no external stress is applied at all. As the snails roam, the mucin they leave behind on the mesh falls into the bucket below, which is then collected and carefully treated to be used in the Advanced Snail Line products.

Okay. There’s that about our world-famous snail essence and our lovely snails and the super exciting TikTok Challenge. Are you ready to Slap! Snail?



January 25, 2022 — cosrx inc


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I super love this product 😍💖


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