Snail! Dance! TikTok Viral #SnailDance Campaign Season 2

Thanks to each and everyone's support for the #SlapSnail Campaign, we were able to hit more than over 6.3 million views! Participants showed their love for the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence in creative ways by stretching the formula! Known for its skin-barrier repairing properties, the campaign spoke to those who are suffering from their acne-prone skin.


#COSRX #BeCOSRX #SlapSnail #AcneSolution


The only issue that we had with the campaign? Perhaps, you felt it too but, it went by sooner than we ever wished for! Which is why we prepared another one. More fun. More energy. Plus, we have a new member to the team, Jeon Somi (@somsomi0309), as an ambassador to our brand! Known fer her energetic, vitamin vibes, Somi will be joining us for our skincare journey! 😆



#COSRX #SnailDance #SlapSnail #AcneSolution



Fun Factor👀

Spot the 🐌 in the 👯!
Join the fun, invite a friend, open up a battle 😎
Skincare can be more than just a routine!


As a token of appreciation and boosts excitement, we prepared more powerful rewards! For TOP 10 winners of our TikTok Hashtag Campaign, COSRX will provide - Full size of 12 Snail Essence & 12 Snail Cream! It’s a year worth of Snail mucin. And for TOP 100 winners, COSRX will provide the title #COSRXPartner. Once you’re selected as a partner, you can use hashtag #COSRXPartner on any social media channels. All winners will be announced on our official Instagram (@cosrx) and TikTok channel (@cosrx_official) on April 29th (KST).


Now, are you ready to join the #SnailDance Campaign?


 👉 Follow the steps below :

1️⃣ Out of the 3 options, pick a move!
2️⃣ Get going and start filming! Show the 🌏 what you got!
3️⃣ Click on the soundtrack from the original video and USE THIS SOUND
4️⃣ Insert your dance clip in between! Dance with @somsomi0309 👯
5️⃣ Ta-Da! Your own version of the #SnailDance is now ready to go!

📌Don’t forget to tag the following hashtags: #COSRX #SnailDance #SlapSnail #AcneSolution


Spread the fun, spread the vibe.💛


March 30, 2022 — cosrx inc

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